The company COPIELOR provides the possibility of obtaining the required equipment without the obligation of its purchase on the basis of long-term leasing.

What is it and why is it of interest to you?

Long-term leasing is the cheapest possible way of acquisition and usage of photocopying equipment.

  1. Leasing deduces 100% of gross revenue
  2. There is no obligation of purchasing new photocopying equipment.
  3. It includes programming of your fixed expenses.

Billing is carried out:

  • Per copy produced depending whether it is black and white or colored photocopies.
  • Per month upon an agreement reached previously with the management of the company.

The price includes:

  1. Part of the repayment of the equipment
  2. All the changes and spare parts of the machines (except paper material)
  3. All the servicing and technical procedures

After the expiry of the leasing period?

The client is provided with the possibility to chose either to purchase the equipment or to continue the leasing period with the current or any other kind of equipment of his choice.